Finding “True North”

I keep a compass from my grandfather on a table next to where I meditate, reflect and ponder the future. The compass serves as a reminder to focus on the important things like family and friends. It reminds me of where I came from; dusty roads, callused hands and an ever changing landscape of black dirt, green crops, golden harvests, and bright snow. Most importantly, the compass is symbolic. It reminds to find my own “true north”, to live a moral and meaningful life. It’s also a reminder that navigating challenges can be tricky and finding the right direction may be difficult, but if we trust in our mission and the values that guide us, we will eventually achieve our goal.

Lakeside Health Services was founded with these principles in mind. Our mission, “Happy at Home”, is simple yet the meaning has many dimensions. It refers to both our clients and our employees alike. Our job is help our clients remain in their homes longer while staying safe, healthy, and of course, happy. We believe that we can deliver on that promise only when our employees are happy as well. In fact, our goal is to shift the paradigm in home healthcare by dedicating more time, training, and resources to our employees so that they feel they are not just working a job, but also making an impact. Part of living a meaningful life is feeling as though your work matters. At Lakeside Health Services, our employees are more than just a part of something special. They’re the core of an organization striving to make a lasting impact in our community, but most importantly, in the lives of each and every client that we serve.