Home Care For Seniors in Rockville, MN 55353

Home Care For Seniors in Rockville

Lakeside Health Services of Rockville, Minnesota operates with the goal of preserving the longevity of seniors for as long as possible. We are dedicated to providing home care for seniors that not only help the seniors but helps the families as well. Personalized treatment is standard and we develop plans on a case by case basis that is in your family’s best interest. 

Home Care For Seniors You Can Count On

We want to make sure that you are able to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. We can assist in a variety of areas with things like cooking meals, cleaning, and many other tasks or responsibilities you need to hand off. Whether you have just gotten out of surgery and need short term care or extended care we can help you. 

Our services don’t just stop at basic needs, we also have a concierge service to add on things like medication administration and even gardening. If you can think of something you need help with then nine times out of ten we have the help you need. 

We Offer Care To Rockville, MN Residents 

Rockville is a small town in Stearns County, Minnesota with just over 2,500 residents. It is part of the St.Cloud metropolitan area and is known for its beautiful lakes. Rockville is a rural community with an excellent school system, low crime rates, and over 100 diversified businesses.

We are proud to serve the residents of Rockville, Minnesota and other areas in the vicinity.

Call Us Today 

If you live in Rockville, Minnesota or other areas nearby Lakeside Health Services would like to be your choice for home care. You can schedule a consultation and even an emergency consultation if needed. We are here to serve you, give us a call today!