Home Care For Seniors in Rice, MN

senior care in rice mn

Do you have a family member that is in need of home care? It can be hard to find someone you trust and can be confident will show the care that is needed. At Lakeside Health Services who understand the importance of quality care. If you are in the Rice, MN area, you should look into our services. 

Home Care Services With Lakeside Health Services

The ability to keep your loved ones at home where they are comfortable is great. You may not be able to stay around the clock to make sure they are taken care of though. That is where Lakeside Healthcare Services comes in because we provide skilled nursing services

We can come and care for your family members like they were our own. Some of the many things that we can help with on a daily basis are:

  • Getting Ready For The Day- Dresses, Bathed, And Eating
  • Household Needs and Chores- Cleaning, Making Beds, and Gardening
  • Recovery Needs- Hospital Stays, Surgeries, and Appointments
  • Activities And More- Day Trips, and Pet Sitting
  • And So Much More

We Love Rice, MN 56367

To have the ability to serve in the community of Rice, MN is our pleasure. This city sits inside Benton County and has a population of a little less than 2,000 people. There are an array of gorgeous scenic views here. Such as:

  • Bend In The River Regional Park
  • Littel Rock Park
  • Englund Ecotone Scientific and Natural Area

Contact Us Today

Call Lakeside Health Services for information about what all we can provide to your loved ones. We are located in St. Cloud, MN, and provide services to many of the surrounding communities as well. Don’t put off finding the perfect care provider for your loved one. We can’t wait to hear from you.