Home Care For Seniors in Clearwater, Mn 55320

Home Care For Seniors in Clearwater

Lakeside Home Care services seniors of Clearwater, Minnesota and other areas in the nearby vicinity. We offer a wide range of services for temporary care and long term care. Our goal is to help you remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Reliable Home Care For Seniors

Our team is composed of professional yet caring individuals that want to help you get the care you need and deserve. We offer services like cooking meals, companionship, medicine distribution, daily hygiene tasks, gardening, and so much more. Getting started is easy and we can discuss your needs and wants and come up with a personal care plan tailored to your lifestyle.

We have caretakers who can even assist or care for your pets if you can no longer manage them. The majority of the time services will be provided by one of our staff members but occasionally we will hire a qualified candidate from a third party. We look forward to offering you a service that will allow you peace of mind and independence.

We Offer Services to Residents of Clearwater, MN

Clearwater is in Stearns and Wright Counties of Minnesota, although the majority is in Wright County. It is a small town with around 1500 residents. Clearwater is a part of the St. Paul and St. Cloud metropolitan areas. 

Located at the junction of the Clearwater River and the Mississippi River, it is a beautiful place to live and raise kids in. We are happy to serve the residents of Clearwater and other areas nearby.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Lakeside Home Care is here to help the residents of Clearwater and surrounding areas stay independent and maintain a sense of pride in themselves. If you have an emergency situation we can accommodate most of those requests as well. Call us today to schedule your consultation.